Disclaimer: This is not a paid ad.

I recently had my second child, my eldest child is thirteen, so I am having to learn everything again. As I was shopping online for a changing table, I ran across these Peekapoo Disposable Changing Pad Liners. And hands down, these pad liners are my top fave purchase. I wish I would have had them with my first son because, babayy, they are a game-changer. I remember having to use the portable changing pad with my eldest, and while those are nice, sometimes things would get messy, and let’s not forget about those blowouts babies like to have, so trying to keep everything contained and sanitized was a bit more work than I would like, especially when you are out and on the go. So let me break down the top 6 reasons why I love the Peekapoo Disposable Pad Liners and why this product is a must-have.

  1. First of all, they are very absorbent, and the back of the pad is leakproof. So you won’t have to worry about getting any bodily fluids on any surfaces. A couple of times, I have had to place the liner between his legs to absorb his urine because he would randomly start urinating before I could get his diaper on. 
  2. Now, ladies, we know that things can go haywire when it comes to the men changing the diaper, and sometimes our instinct is to jump in and take over. Watching my son’s father change the poopy diapers has been a sight to see. There was stuff everywhere, so these make the cleanup process seamless. Just roll everything up and toss it in the bin. With reusable pads, poop would have been all over that thing. 
  3. The front of the liner is also super soft and gentle for your baby’s skin. My son has never developed a rash in all the time we have been using them.
  4. They come folded and are travel friendly. I place a few in a freezer ziplock bag for added protection and throw them into whatever bag I am using for the day. 
  5. When you unfold them, they are a perfect size. My 5-month year old’s entire body fits on it comfortably without touching any other surfaces. Measurement is 23.6″ x 17.7″ per liner. 
  6. Price-wise, the Peekaboo Disposable Liners come in at $24.95 on Amazon for a quantity of 50. So that is $0.04 per liner. Now because I am a mom on a budget that likes to save her coins, sometimes, If no mess occurred on the pad, I simply fold it up and place it back in my diaper cart. I bought these pads before he was born, he is now five months, and I have only used maybe half. 

Now I know there are other options to choose from, but I found the Peekapoo to be the best all-around. The runner up for them based on similarities and reviews is the Rocinha. Those are $25.99 with a quantity of 100 and measure at 12.2 x 11.02 x 3.94. Customers complained about how small and thin they were. With the Peekapoo Disposable Liners, you get 50 less for about the same price, but the overall quality of the Peekapoo can not be matched. These disposable liners are a must-have! The perfect addition to your diaper bag and makes a great gift at baby showers. Thank me later. I promise you will not be disappointed. 

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