Allow me to introduce myself…

Let me start off by thanking you for taking the time to check out my site. My name is Jamie, but I go by Jae for short. I decided to start my blog because I did not see many people my age discussing everyday topics we go through as women in a real honest way. We live in a world that is about keeping appearances, so I wanted to add some realness and vulnerability in the mix—a safe space to discuss everything from love, family, motherhood, mistakes, etc. I am woman trying to figure it out like everyone else. The only difference is I’ve decided to talk it out online in hopes of creating a community. Still Becoming encourages growth and evolution, without judgment or ridicule. I share personal stories about being raised on skid row to being adopted into a multi-cultural family, raising my son as a single mother, dating, womanhood, and more. So join the discussion and become part of the Still Becoming family. 

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