Remember back in the day when you would fantasize about being in Love and how amazing it was going to be. I mean, you had this perfect man picked out and everything. He was going to be fine as all get out. He would bring you flowers and look you in your eyes and tell you how pretty you are. He only had eyes for you, and he would be your best friend. Shortly down the line, you two would marry, have a couple of kids, and live happily ever after.

Ahhh, it was going to be magical… And then BOOP, ya bubble burst! Reality sits in, and you realize Love isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The crap they sell in those love movies is all LIES. And not a real representation of what Love is or means at all. Growing up, I don’t recall anyone having a real conversation with me about Love, and there were very few examples around. So you’re forced to navigate this foreign word by yourself. Trying to piece together what you’ve learned over the years. You end up in situations that you never dreamt of, asking yourself, “how did I get here, because this is some bull** and not what I signed up for at all.”

WARNING relationships can make you mess up your credit, have you gaining weight, losing your edges, and have you out here looking a plume fool.

This love stuff is no joke. It’s hard out here in these streets. Will Smith’s definition of Love is by far the best I’ve seen, and we should add it to the dictionary. He breaks it down so beautifully and is what we all should strive to obtain. I will link it down below for you to watch because what people claim to be Love is not it, hunny. Our distorted view of Love will have you confused, cheated on, lied to, questioning your self-worth, on your knees, asking God where is he already? I’m tired of things not working out. “Mayday mayday, send someone, please! What we think to be Love is just broken relationships. And under the word relationship, we need to add this to its definition: WARNING relationships can make you mess up your credit, have you gaining weight, losing your edges, and have you out here looking a plume fool. You will be at home trying to analyze and re-analyze why these dudes ain’t acting right.

Then comes the self-reflection, “Like am I the problem? Is it something I am doing? What do I need to work on?” However, despite all that we may go through, it doesn’t stop us from being in relationships and trying to obtain the seemingly “unattainable” thing called Love. I do think that through it all, we still hold on to a little hope that one day, we will get a portion of the magic we dreamt. This time with more self-awareness and knowledge, so we won’t end up in the same situations.

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